Tips on How to Cruise with a Baby and Survive

I’m sure you’ve heard it all when you shared the wonderful news about going on a cruise vacation with your baby. Did it go something like this?

  • Are you crazy?
  • Leave ’em with the grandparents!
  • You won’t be on vacation with small children!
  • It’s just a waste to spend all that money on someone who won’t be able to use all of the ship’s amenities.

Well, what’s a family vacation without the entire family–right? Once you ignore the naysayers and begin your planning, you will feel more confident about your decision to bring along the newest addition to your family.

Preparation is very important because there is so much to consider and pack when you’re traveling with little ones.

  • If you’re breastfeeding and your stateroom doesn’t have a refrigerator, request to have a medical fridge in your room. It is a small fridge that’s almost 10 inches high. You can use it to store your  breast milk, left over baby food and other perishable items that needs refrigeration.
  • Use disposable bottle liners to cut down on cleaning bottles.
  • Bring along a large coffee travel mug or a portable bottle/food warmer to heat up your baby’s milk and food.  There’s plenty of scorching hot water at the drink dispensers in the dining areas.
  • Bring a small container and dish soap to wash your bottle parts.
  • Pack enough diapers, wipes and supplies for the duration of your cruise and then double that quantity to make certain you have enough. It’s always better to have extra on hand.
  • Forget about your baby’s normal schedule. Just go with the flow of things.
  • Make reservations for early dining. You’re asking for trouble with late dining and shows.
  • Bring a stroller.
  • As an added security, if you can afford it, bring the grandparents along. Treat them to an early birthday present. Having extra hands to assist you is life saving–unless your parents are anything like my mother-in-law. Taking her on the cruise with us was like the movie “Hangover”– the senior sequel. We hardly ever saw her on our last cruise. She partied all day and night for seven days straight! Karaoke, nigh clubs, shows and mingling. It was crazy! That’s a story for another post.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about your baby crying and disturbing other people. Babies cry. Research the ship you’re going to be cruising on to see what amenities and accommodations are available for families with infants.


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