5 Things I Learned About Myself and My Family While Camping

We are back from our little Father’s Day weekend trip, and I’m happy to say that we made it! We survived and by gosh we actually liked it! I think we just may make it a once a year family thing because it was really great connecting with the kiddos and hubs without the distractions of technology. With that said, I learned a lot about my little posse and myself while hanging out in the woods. Let’s get into it!

1) I could survive living on the land in the event that we had a zombie apocalypse. Look don’t judge me. I’m a die hard Walking Dead fan. As a matter of fact, anything related to zombie movies.

2) I really like my hubby. Listen, I know plenty of couples who do not “like” who they are with. Now put those same two people in a cabin together without Candy Crush, Facebook , television and WITH kids for 48 hours and see how long they make it.  He really is a cool dude.

3) My kids are really funny, and their imagination is out of this world! We had some of the most interesting conversations about life, nature and whatever else came across their powerful little minds.

4) I change my mind. I would never camp out in a tent. When it gets dark outside, things start moving in the woods around you and you can’t see anything past your hands. The thought that the only thing protecting me from outdoor creatures is a cloth tent scares the crap out of me. Nope. Give me windows and doors with a lock any day.

5) I think my husband was a mountain man in another life. Something happened to him when we hit our camp ground. It’s like he transformed. He had this fisherman hat that he wore EVERYWHERE proudly (even when he wasn’t fishing). His facial hair seemed to sprout out of nowhere and he never went anywhere without those darn Indiana Jones knives. I’m not going to front though. Those knives were useful. They opened cans and everything!

This getaway was really a blessing for our little unit. It did for us what I knew it would. I don’t know how I’m going to top myself next year. I have a whole year to plan so we shall see….In the meantime, check out some pictures from our latest adventure below!

camping with family

Collage of fun moments while camping in Pocomoke River State Park


Assateague Island's Visitor Center

The girls and I fake swimming with the back drop while roaming around Assateague Island’s Visitor Center

Assateague Island

Yep, there’s that hat that he PROUDLY wore all weekend long

Assateague Island Beach

Assateague Island Beach


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  1. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Best wishes! Exactly where are your contact details though?

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