A Father’s Day He Will Never Forget

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to spend another Father’s Day doing the same old mundane, song and dance i.e. go out to overcrowded restaurants only to stuff our faces and give well meaning but pointless gifts. My husband is way too special for that. I decided that this year, I wanted to show him how much he means to our family in a very special, unique way.

**Side note: Dads really do get the short end of the stick, when you think about how people really go all out for Mother’s Day.**

So this year, I decided to create a wonderful Father’s Day experience that our kids and he will always cherish and never forget. All of my planning is coming along smoothly, well minus my stepson. Apparently, he’d rather attend a party than be stuck in the woods with us for 48 hours without access to social media..God forbid that he actually went & liked it…but I digress…teenagers.


I have the cabin reserved. It is located in a state park about 2 hours from our home. There is no television or wifi. We have access to fishing, a beach, kayak rentals, canoe rentals, beautiful hiking trails and a pool. Everything that we eat has to be cooked on a grill and fire pit, which is located on the side of our cabin. Just in case you’re wondering,  no we do not have a refrigerator or a stove in our cabin. We will truly be ruffing it. I’m so excited, so are the kids and the hubs. He came home last night excitedly showing me these huge knives he purchased just in case he needed to protect us from wild bears or something….ha! He’s too cute for words.

Camping in Pocomoke State park

This what our cabin looks like from the outside. Very simple with basic amenities. Can’t you see me swinging on that bench located on the front porch watching the sunset? I know I can!


Cabin camping in Maryland State parks

The side view of our cabin. We have a picnic table, grill and fire pit.

Cabin camping

Partial inside view of the room. It comes equipped with an air conditioner unit in the window and a ceiling fan.

What are we going to do with kiddos while camping? Everything and nothing. Enjoy nature. Fish. Go canoeing and hiking. Dance. Laugh. Read. Sleep. Color. Draw. I also picked up a few fun creative items from Target to keep them a little busy during our downtime.

activities to do with the kids while camping.

Sample of the inexpensive goodies that I picked up from Target including a sail boat kit that they will get to put together & paint before testing it out in the water, coloring books, DIY loom band kits etc…


I’m most excited about this glow-in-the dark item. The little ladies, myself & the hubs are going to deck ourselves out in glow in the dark accessories & have a blast playing this glow in the dark ring toss game.

activites to do with kids while camping.

Glow in the dark ring toss game.

This trip will be the perfect opportunity for us to connect as a family, put away the electronics, enjoy the simplicity and the beauty of nature & huddle up around the fire pit each night before bed to roast marshmallows, make smores and tell stories. This….these memories, this experience is the best gift that I could give him.

Happy Father’s Day Love Bug!! Thank you for all that you do, the sacrifices that you continue to make and for being an ever constant presence and positive role model for our children. Love ya to pieces!


To everyone else, what plans do you have for Father’s Day?


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