Caribbean cruise vacation to Cozumel Mexico

I have a confession. I am a mom, and I’m a cruise fanatic. I’ve been cruising the open seas for many years before the kids. When they were born, I learned the hard way that traveling “anywhere” with them is a totally different ball game.

It is so easy to get lost in an obsessed world of “what-ifs” as you’re planning your family getaway. Scenarios like running out of diapers and how to store breast milk while aboard the ship are very valid and common concerns, but take a step back and breathe–you are going on vacation after all.

This blog is all about Caribbean cruise vacations from a mom’s perspective, my family’s travel adventures and tidbits about family life . Get tips, share advice, lets laugh together, network, share pictures and celebrate being able to create wonderful memories with our families. I look forward to what this little ‘ole website will become.


Who am I? What the heck do I do?

I’m a WAHM (work-at-home mom). I spend most of my time writing online SEO articles for various clients. I also work as a search engine evaluator. When I’m not dreaming up the next family vacation, I’m playing dress up with my two little girls (mom’s make-up and heels included), dancing around to their favorite nursery rhymes and trying to find creative ways to spend quality time with my husband.

Mischievous duo

My lil’ muchkins. Yes the little one in the back is as mischievous as she looks in this picture

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