Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Cruise Vacation

Its been entirely too long since my last post, so I thought I’d take you on a quick trip back down memory lane with a fun #throwbackthursday post. I have some great information and features that I plan to add to my blog this month. However, between all the work that is keeping me busy, the kids and the amount of research required for my blog, it’s taking a little longer than I expected. Well, without further ado…

Throwback Thursday!

Cruise line: Celebrity aboard the Century

Ports of Call: Grand Cayman Island and Montego Bay Jamaica

Days: 5

Departure Port: Miami, FL

Hotels: Arrived a day early and stayed at The Clevelander Hotel (this experience alone is worthy of a separate post) & The Continental the day after the cruise.


During this trip I grew a fondness for Carnival’s Fun Ships. Now don’t get me wrong, this cruise was amazing. The food, staff and the service were impeccable. However, there were a lot of older people aboard this ship. It also didn’t have the fun, party vibe that I was so use to with Carnival. Nonetheless, it was a great time.

First stop: Grand Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman was such a beautiful island, and the people were just as lovely. The moment we stepped off the ship to tender to the wharf in Georgetown, I felt like I was in Caribbean paradise. I remember the smell of the ocean and this comforting, warm breeze that made my white cover-up mini skirt dance ever so slightly as I stepped onto the boat that transported us. I was definitely feeling myself. I felt great, looked great and wasn’t afraid to show it! Once we reached the port, we stopped and took pictures with some very fun pirates. *arrrr*

After frolicking around in the shops and chatting with locals, we caught a ride to 7 Mile Beach where we spent most of our time.  We lay out in the sun, swam in the water and rented snorkeling gear. I had the bright idea of buying fish food to attract more fish while we snorkeled. Well, we attracted fish, mini sharks and every creature that ate either the fish food or the fish that we attracted. Imagine being surrounded by thousands of Nemos, with a few octopus-like creatures and then throw in a few miniature hammer head sharks. I am not exaggerating. Needless to say, I panicked, threw the fish food as far I could and got the heck out of there! In fact, I think my husband (then boyfriend) beat me to the shore! After all that fun, we were tired. We decided to have a few drinks in an open-air restaurant/bar, groove to some island music and head back to the ship.

Second Stop: Montego Bay Jamaica

Montego Bay was nice too, but it had a very different vibe. We decided to book a horseback “ride and swim” excursion, which lasted for 3 hours and 30 minutes. There were about eight other couples with us on this adventure. On this excursion, we rode through a bamboo trail to get to the beach. Once we were at the beach, everyone parked their horses, changed into their swimsuits and rode the horses into the water for a swim. I never experienced anything like this ever. It was great! In fact, I think this was my first time riding a horse. I felt like a badass cowgirl as we rode the horses into the water.  That quickly changed when everyone’s horses started dropping landmines in the water.  Yep, everyone was playing “dodge a poop” as we rode together. It was so disgusting yet hilarious. After all that fun, we headed back to the beach and changed into our attire. There was a make-shift bar on the beach that we headed to and ordered cool drinks. We spent the rest of time swaying to Bob Marley, sipping on our drinks while we waited for the van to pick us up.

What are some of your funniest vacation memories?

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