Appreciation Post: My Baby

Kids are the greatest teachers in life if you would just take the time to really observe and listen. Their innocence, unprejudiced views and overall love and excitement for life always amazes me.  Sometimes as adults we can get so caught up with life, work, bills and taking care of the kids that we forget to stop and enjoy those special moments that life blesses us with from time-to-time.

My little girls reminded me of this earlier this week when we surprised my husband at his job. We decided that we wanted to pop up and take him out for a nice lunch date. Well, after dropping him off my youngest Lil M aka Future Fortune 500 CEO said:

“Mommy, why does daddy work so hard? He works all the time. We have to throw daddy a party to show him our appreciation.”

*side note*
I have to admit, I had a “what about me” moment for a split 10.3444 seconds. I was thinking…what do I do? In addition to working full time from home, I am building online businesses, running them all around the city keeping them engaged and lessons in reading, science, math, arts after working all night to ensure they remain the great students they are for the upcoming school year. Am I chopped liver?

Then guilt took over.

You know what. I’m mom. I’m superwoman, no matter what –what I do is expected & often goes unnoticed, well except on that great holiday – Mother’s Day. Dads on the other hand typically gets the short end of the stick, even on their special day. That simple conversation with my little girls made me realize that and prompted this appreciation post.


You are an excellent father to your daughters and son. You are a man of integrity, one of the most honest, loving men I have ever known. You don’t meet very many people in this world with such a sweet spirit as you. My mom recognized it the first time she met you and is one of your (our) biggest cheerleaders. I watch you navigate life handling challenging relationships, situations and people with finesse, knowing exactly when to walk away.

You believe you’re the lucky one. Nope, I am. Through your actions and our conversations you taught me the importance of less is more — be slow to speak, observe and listen because things will reveal itself in due time. I truly understand now why you refuse to entertain certain things or certain people, even with my overbearing encouragement to do so at times. I get it. Happiness is a journey, not a destination and some people/things are not or will never be a part of that.

Can I just say how much I love your infectious smile? Thinking of it makes me smile.

We are a team, and my promise to retire you is well on its way. It is because of your support that I have been able to continue to do what I do, day in and day out.

Thank you for all that you do. If no one else tells you today,

I see you.

I appreciate you.

I love you!!!!

Cheers to a super-awesome, 4th of July Weekend filled with sun tans, sand in our swimsuits, margaritas, barbecue and nothing but great memories!! I don’t take any moment with you for granted. Even when you’re working on my last nerves.

Mrs. Price


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