Bryce Resort & Our Snow Tubing Adventure

When I informed the hubby of my impromptu decision of going snow tubing, I was not met with the normal resistance that I normally face. He knew it was coming because I had been talking about it, but he didn’t really know when. I gave him 5 hours notice. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Pack your bags for an overnight trip. We are going snow tubing. We need to leave no later than 2 pm, which gives us 5 hours to pack and get the kids ready.

Him: Okay. There was no “What are you doing now Stacey?” or the funny shaking his head in disbelief because I’m always up to something. After messaging my stepson on Facebook to see if he wanted to hang too (he decided no), we packed up and headed to the mountains for some much needed family fun time.

Bryce Resort is located in Mt Jackson, VA approximately 3 hours from Maryland. I decided that we  should drive about 2 hours, get a hotel room to make it an overnight trip, get up the next morning and spend the day snow tubing. I was able to find accommodations at Fairfield Inn and Suites Strasburg Shenandoah Valley. This place was amazing and very well kept. The amenities that caught my eyes were the indoor heated pool that the girls could not wait to get into, the hot tub and free breakfast. We were within minutes to restaurants and shopping. Best of all, Bryce Resort was only a 45-50 minute drive from this hotel.

After the adventurous commute getting there, we arrive excited ready to explore the area. Unfortunately, that was put on hold once we unpacked and realized that “M & M” left their swimsuits at home. Seeing their disappointed little faces when they came to the realization that their swimming plans were in jeopardy because they left their suits at home made us do the inevitable. Do you know how hard it is to find swimsuits in middle of the winter? Thankfully, I was able to put together suitable swimwear attire thanks to Walmart.

After eating and shopping, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy its wonderful amenities. Here are a few pictures of us just hanging out having fun on day one of our quick family getaway.

Bryce Resort snow tubing trip. Hanging out.

Bryce Resort snow tubing trip day one.


Day two post will soon follow. Stay tuned!






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