Kindergarten Is Breaking Up Our All Girl Triad: No Boys Allowed!

For the past five years I have been caring for my little angel. No daycare or babysitters, I’m a WAHM (work at home mom). It’s just been her and I 365 days a year. Well, that is until her little sister was born about 14 months after her. Our duo quickly turned into a trio that actually became really fun once we were past the diaper and potty training phase. Three Peas in a Pod, The Three Musketeers, The 3 Amigos– it’s been us.

Now my oldest has the nerve to grow up on me and go to kindergarten. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my stepson, but they just don’t get it. My girls and I do fun girly stuff together like paint each other toe nails while we talk about the latest Spongebob and Doc McStuffin episode.  We play dress up and dance around making up some of the silliest dance routines and skits.  Did I mention how much they love to shop? The “boys” can’t stand going to more than two stores in a day. However, the girls and I can hang all day long in department stores shopping as long as we take a break and get a meal from that place with the golden arches.

As excited as I am for her, I’m having a little separation anxiety already. Going to kindergarten means I won’t be there to protect her if she gets picked on.  What will she do if she  gets scared while riding the bus to school ?  I worry about child predators lurking in and around her school. I know these are all common concerns for first time moms like myself, and I’m sure one day I’m going to look back and wonder what heck was I thinking. Until then, I will sulk in my sorrow of parental separation anxiety.

How is the new soon-to-be kindergartner doing?

She’s ecstatic. We went to orientation yesterday to meet her new teacher and see her classroom. She cannot wait. I’m glad for that. I think it would be much worse for me if she didn’t want to go to school. Where the heck does time go? Until next time.


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  1. Mari Corona says:

    Stacey great share and great family pic girl power!! 🙂
    I love your page would love to follow just let me know how.

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