I Blame My Mom…Yep, I Said It

I was fortunate enough to be raised by a mom who was southern born and bred. Growing up in my family, there was no “what?” & “huh?” when responding to an adult. It was merely, yes-ma’am/no-ma’am and yes-sir/no-sir. That was expected. Period.

My siblings, cousins and myself were in church every time the doors opened. Sunday school, WPWW, Bible school, revivals, singing in the choir, ushering, Sunday night service….you name it we were there and done it.  My grandmother was very instrumental in making certain we were there. Playing sick to get out of going….nope. Her response, “let’s go to church and let the preacher pray for you.” It was that serious. I hated it then, but it helped me build what I like to call my “spiritual muscle.” I have come to depend on it many times in my adult life.

I just found out some exciting news. My mom is going to receive an award in her honor for all that she does within her community by a wonderful non-profit organization called Elegance In Action. My mom continues to amaze me. Always giving, dedicating her time to those in need despite her ongoing battle with cancer. Four to five days a week she makes meals and delivers it to the homeless in Virginia Beach. I’m not talking about little snacks and sandwiches. Majority of the time she’s cooking full course, hot meals that range from her delicious homemade potatoes salad, country-style green beans, baked chicken, fried chicken, meat loaf, Salisbury steaks with gravy. She really goes all out, even during holidays. When we go home for the holidays, we pack up plates for them and feed them before we sit down and eat. She even takes her own money to provide them with toiletries from time-to-time.

Can I tell you what it was like growing up with a woman like this?

She did not play! It was terrible if you asked me in my preteen/teenage years. She was very protective. There was a certain level of independence and responsibility that she expected from us. She always stressed the importance of an education, working hard and never settling. By the time I was old enough to work,  I had a job and was contributing back to the household at the mere age of 13 (my first summer job). When I graduated from high school I was a licensed cosmetologist working full time, with my own car, own place, traveling and paying my own way through college.

To my mom!!!

There is a lot that I didn’t understand then that I fully understand now that I’m a mother with two daughters. I thank you mommy!

  • I thank you for running those little knuckle-head boys away!!
  • I thank you for NOT raising me to be an entitled, spoiled child who would have to depend on you for anything other than love and guidance.
  • Thank you for making me contribute back to the household each paycheck because it taught me responsibility, budgeting and balancing a checkbook.
  • You were truthful and blunt when it came to the harsh realities of this world. I thank you.
  • Thank you for teaching me the importance of social responsibility.
  • Thank you for your constant prayers, words of encouragement and unconditional love.

****Because of you, I am the way I am today — a no nonsense parent that understands the importance of firm discipline, structure and love when it comes to raising children.****

As long as I, your grandchildren and great grandchildren live, you will never die.

Congrats on your latest accomplishment. We can’t wait to celebrate this banquet with you in September. You truly deserve it!!!





National Zoo

Mom and I at National Zoo in DC before the hubby & kids.

Picture of my mom

Throwback picture of my mom!


Mom and my oldest daughter on our family cruise last year.

My mom and my oldest daughter on our family cruise last year.


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