New Year: Success & Many Blessings to You All!

I’ve been gone too long. I’ve finally figured out the direction that I want to take with my blog. While I still have a lot going on, this blog is a stress relief. I can get lost for hours researching and writing about travel.

What have I been up to?

Working: In addition to my main income working from home in HR, I’m building multiple passive income streams online sleeping maybe 3 – 4 hours a day. I’m very motivated. My goal is to have the financial freedom and security needed to pull the kids out of school within the next 3 -4 years to home school them so that my family and I can travel the world for an entire year.

School: I’m always challenging myself looking for new things to learn. Right now I’m taking an online courses with to learn coding, marketing, branding etc…

Fitness: Well, not like this exactly! LOL


I’ve been working out with a vengeance hitting the gym 3-4 times a week. I’m really getting serious as warm weather is slowly approaching so I’m upping that to 5-6 times a week now. I find that working out gives me a boost of energy and mental clarity allowing me have a more productive day. Beside that, the results I’m seeing is not bad either.

What else you ask?

Traveling of course. I have a few updates for this blog on my travel shenanigans. This summer my crew and I took a multi-destination vacation. We went to Disney in Orlando Florida and stayed for a few days. From there we flew to the Bahamas and stayed at the Atlantis for the remainder of the trip. Look out for pictures and a post on that soon.

I also cashed in on the airline ticket that I originally purchased for  Ghana  and flew solo to Los Angeles, California for a few days. Yep, the hubs was on daddy duty, and I was gone in the wind fabulous.

*Snaps finger* okay! I had the time of my life. In between those trips were a bunch of other road trips up and down the east coast keeping the kiddies entertained.

Stay tuned as I get this blog up and rolling.

In the meantime, if you are a Prince Georges County mom & looking for a few travel PNCs (partners in crime), then check out my meetup: PG County Caribbean Cruise and Family Travel


Have a blessed day!!


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