Letter to Makaila


Makaila….where do I begin?

I look at you most days and wonder where in the heck did you come from? You are indeed a special child. Made out of love — your dad was hoping you were a boy (ha!). Apparently at the time, the mere thought of  adding another girl into our little clan gave him gray hair. LOL

It is my belief that God gives you what you need. You were EXACTLY what we needed. Now that dad of yours can’t imagine life without his little angels.

flying with kids

While I carried you for nine months, you my dear — you are all your dad’s DNA. You remind me so much of him. Anyone who sees you two together says the same thing. I guess in a sense he kinda got what he wanted. I often catch him staring at you smiling. He always has the most amusing stories about the stuff you’ve said or done while hanging out together. You two have been hanging for many years. As a baby, he always carried you around or you could be found snuggled up comfortably asleep on his chest. He was a very proud dad of his little chunky baby girl.


What I Admire About You…..

You are a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who meets you knows that. You are such a critical thinker. I think it is quite amusing how you do not take anyone’s answer as the final word before investigating things out for yourself  first.  You will be very successful.

Your curiosity for life often gets you into little spats with your big sister because you ask so many questions about everything at the most annoying times (according to big sis) like when we are riding down the road and she wants to listen to music but you want me to turn it off so you can talk to me about everything that comes across your powerful little mind.

You are so smart, brave, creative, honest, a decision maker and a fighter. I have come to appreciate the inner strength that you display even though it comes across as stubborn at times. Continue to love, protect and look after your big sister. Don’t get too annoyed with her and her “over-motherly” ways. It’s all out of love.  She is such a nurturer who only wants happiness and peace among all. See the picture below? This overwhelming motherly love dates back to when you were barely walking and in diapers.




With that said,  I only have one request of you.

Please stop growing up so fast!!

What’s going on now in 2014?!?!

You started Kindergarten last week!! Woohooo!! Oh, I’m so excited about how well you are adjusting. You made it easy for me on that first day. Your dad on the other hand had to be kicked out of the class because he did not want to leave you.

Thank you for choosing me as your mom. I promise to continue to nurture your strengths, love you unconditionally, protect you and provide you what you “need” to be successful.  Notice how I said need? It is my belief that parents raising a child with the focus on providing them with the things “they never had” growing up breeds entitled, lazy and spoiled kids whose happiness all revolves around “things.”

Yep, I’m starting you ladies young. You will thank me later. Your dad on the other end, I’m still working on him. He is bad. If it was all up to him, you and your sister would be pampered little princesses. Tsk, tsk, tsk….not under my watch.

Well my love, I have attached a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I love you Makaila.










riding horse

First day of school!!



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