Single Parents Can and Should Cruise Too!

For some single (widowed or divorced) parents,  the thought of traveling alone on such a family oriented vacation can seem down right cruel. This is understandably so. According to a 2011 cruise market study completed by the International Cruise Line Association, 80 percent of spouses accompany travelers on most vacations. While this may be the norm, the travel industry is also recognizing the growing population  of solo parents traveling with their kids. You are not alone!

Cruising is probably one of the best vacation options for parents traveling solo because there are so many entertainment options for kids of all age groups. Kids have just enough freedom to explore and run around. While the kids play, mom gets enough downtime to relax without feeling the awkwardness of traveling alone. Can we say massage and pedicure anyone?  Still not convinced?

  • Many cruise lines make a special effort to ensure single-parent families are as comfortable as possible. For example, Disney has special lunches for single parents. During these lunches, it pairs single parents together. What a great way to make new friends right? Many cruise lines offer the same courtesy when reserving seating for dining.
  • Join a single-parents travel club. Many of these clubs host yearly single parent-themed vacations. This will also allow you to build a network of new friends that you can enjoy and connect with throughout the year.
  • Still not comfortable? Ask another single friend or family member to travel with you.
  • Babysitting services and late night kid-themed activities offer solo-parents just enough freedom to dance the night away or hit the piano bar for their favorite rendition of timeless music.

Single parents face many challenges. Reward yourself and your family for all that you have overcome. What better way to do that than creating wonderful, new memories aboard a Caribbean cruise.


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