Skate Zone, Snowboarding and all that Jazz

Thanks to the recent snowstorm, the kids 4-day weekend turned into a 5-day slumber party. Everyone was home confined to the house. Yep, even the hubs. It was mayhem. Toys were scattered from the living to the bedrooms. There was biting, screaming, wrestling matches and angry mean girl threats being spewed i.e. “you’re not my friend”, “you can’t play with my doll house” and tongue licking … It was a bit much.

In an attempt to save my sanity and liver, I got a little creative in hopes of preoccupying their time and encouraging team work.  I placed newspaper on their tables, pulled out some food coloring, cups, buckets of water, measuring cups, ice chips, funnels, different sized-containers and said go. to. work. The comradery lasted for a short period of time. Oh well. Here are a few pics of them enjoying this activity during happier times.


Day two came, the snow stopped falling and we were ready to get out and enjoy it. My husband had the same idea, too. He came home from work early, excited ready to take the girls out to our secret snowboarding spot. We layered up, grabbed the snowboards and hit the hills. Good times!

snowboarding with kids

A parent from my daughter’s class told me about the awesomeness of Skate Zone earlier this week. Apparently, on Mondays from 10 am to 12 pm there is a skating session specifically designated for children 6 years old and under. For $4 you get admission, skate rentals and a free drink. Now here is the kicker, your child can bring their bike, scooter, tricycle, wagon…apparently anything with wheels to ride or push around the roller rink. We went not knowing what to expect. The experience exceeded my expectations. The music ranged from your classic nursery rhyme songs to music from some of the kid’s favorite television shows. They did the hokey-pockey, at one point the lights were turned down and the disco ball lit-up the place. We even had snow fall indoors (well it was more like white foam packaging pieces, but the kids didn’t care they were going crazy throwing it and playing in it). It was chaotic, kids were everywhere, kids in walkers, pushing wagons, little girls pushing their toy strollers, it was loud and we enjoyed every minute of it. I definitely have a new spot for the summer.

Skate Zone review

We had an eventful, fun-filled holiday weekend. I love my girls. I do it all for them.



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