Summer Shenanigans…

So much is happening in this wonderful world that I call my life. It’s been hard keeping up with my little ole’ blog this summer. Between the kiddos being home with me and trying to keep them engaged and learning….we are out pounding the pavement most mid-mornings and afternoons.

Good news though!! My youngest starts kindergarten this fall….. & then there leaves……ONE…..ME!!! Woooo hoooo!!! I have been home since 2007 raising these kiddos….7 years….I told the hubby that the day I drop them both off to school I’m coming back home to:

  1. Put on some socks and James Brown my way throughout the kitchen listening to that Usher song call Yeah! LOL
  2. Grab the remote to the TV and do absolutely nothing but watch what I want, when I want

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? This may go on each morning when I return home for at least the first week of school. After that, it will be back to business as normal without all the kids activities and play dates factored into the equation. In addition to catching up on my blog, there will be many impromptu lunch dates and spontaneous rendezvous with just him & I <3 <3.


What was I talking about…. summer shenanigans. Lots & lots has happened. Vacations, spontaneous weekend getaways, graduation, birthdays, holidays….too many to keep up with. Check back for a snap shot of the Price Family Shenanigans….pictures will be sorted and posted tomorrow.


Later CCL fanatics!!


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