To the Love of My Life…Happy Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to You Mr. Price!!! In celebration of your born day we are going to #celebrate, #turnup, #laugh, #reminisce, #eat, #drink and #bemerry!

In life, you can only get so lucky to meet someone who just gets you. Someone who makes you feel safe/protected, loved & cherished. Can I tell you what I love about you? (It is only right with it being your birthday and all)

  1. You have an unspoken inner strength that I have come to appreciate over the years.
  2. You listen, are slow to anger & not easily bothered by negative things and people.
  3. You are confident in who you are. You are not the jealous, insecure type. Since the day I met you , you have always remained the same cool laid back “cat.” (Yep I took it there, can ya’ dig it? LOL)
  4. It still makes my heart flutter to hear you admit that even after 5 years of marriage & a few kids later, you still can’t wait to get home to me & the family after a long day.
  5. Your smile.
  6. You are one of the most genuine people that I have ever met, and you have a heart of gold.

I have enjoyed watching you grow over the years. I can only hope that our daughters are lucky enough to find husbands who love them like “daddy loves mommy.”  You set the bar high.  Anyone who comes into their lives will have some hard shoes to fill. Thank you for setting such a great example.

I have no doubt that it will be “till death do us part.”  You have allowed me to become the women & mother I have always imagined I could become through your friendship, support, patience, loyalty, unconditional love , understanding and dedication. No one can’t tell me anything about you!! I will ride with you through the storm, the sunshine, the rain, the good and the bad–it does not matter. When it is all said and done, you can always look over to your right & see me standing there right beside you.

“Don’t nobody say nothin’ bad about my Michael. Uh-uh” *In my Ms. Jenkins voice*


I love you Michael. This weekend, we are going to celebrate the wonderful man that you are. No expenses will be spared! I’m even going to let you super-size it.

Our babysitter is in place (thank you sis!) and I have a whole weekend of fun festivities planned for you & I….. Get ready!! This weekend we are going to do something a little different….we are “trading places”……


Love you with all that I am. Your Wife, Mrs. Price


Just think, every decision that we made, every failed relationship were just small pieces to a bigger picture–us.

*** I’m so glad we trusted love.***

Happy Born Day!!!





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