Turks and Caicos Our Way (Part One)

On this vacation, we went down a road we have NEVER traveled before. I wanted to really experience the food, the people and the culture of this beautiful island. You can’t do that sheltered behind the  doors of all inclusive resorts, which is how we usually travel.  I located a smaller resort that offered free water sport amenities, was  on the beach,  had a restaurant onsite and excellent reviews.

The Royal West Indies on Grace Bay Beach definitely fit the bill!!

Turks and Caicos Grace Bay


This place was a true oasis. We booked an “ocean view” room.

Grace Bay Turks and Caicos

Our ‘ocean view’ at Royal West Indies Resort

Look, if you peek really hard through those trees you can see the ocean. LOL Whatevs! It was more like a botanical view. However, it was  fine, the botanical trees , lush garden and foliage was beautiful. After all, I was on vacation! We reserved a studio. It was equipped with a washer and dryer, a full refrigerator, microwave, utensils, sink all that! The grounds and room were immaculate.

Royal West Indies Resort Studio Room Grace Bay



As I mentioned, the resort is located one of the world famous Grace Bay Beach. The sand here is like walking on powdered sugar– unbelievable.  The resort always had plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas available. We spent plenty of time here.

Grace Bay Turks and Caicos


Our Shenanigans!

Okay, it was my “very” bright idea to rent a car once we landed so that we could get around the island at our leisure. Thanks Grace Bay Rentals! Here is the thing. Over here, everyone drives on the left side of the street and the steering wheel in the car that we rented was on the right side!! There are no stop lights. All you have are these confusing “turn-a-bouts” and stop signs no one adheres to (except the tourist). There aren’t speed limits posted so you can imagine the driving conditions.  I didn’t want to die on this trip, so the hubs was solely in charge of driving. On top of that, I decided long before the trip that my husband would be the designated driver as I had plans to “be in no condition to drive”..hehehe

I must say, although I harassed him a little from the “passenger seat” he did an excellent job. Kudos babe!!

After we landed, we picked up our rental car, headed to the hotel (not without getting a little lost) to shower , change and enjoy a little paradise. First up on my todo list was to get lost in time  Somewhere…..

No really. There was this really great cafe/ restaurant located right on the ocean that serves Mexican food. It was called Somewhere!

Somewhere Restaurant Turks and Caicos

Somewhere Restaurant

Somewhere resturant Turks and Caicos

Hanging at Somewhere…


There was a live band scheduled to play called Bowen Arrow the night we went and they did not disappoint. We chose seats on the upper deck which gave us the perfect view of the sun setting over the ocean. I ordered fish tacos and a banana rum punch– or two–or three (who was counting). The hubs ordered some delicious ribs and fries. We ate, swayed to the beats of classic soul music, Soca and R & B.

Bowen Arrow Live Band Somewhere Restuarant

Bowen Arrow Live Band at Somewhere Restaurant

We came back to the room that evening, changed into our swim attire to explore the resort grounds a little and hopped into the jacuzzi . Day one was definitely a great start to a much needed relaxing and romantic getaway. Here are a few random pic of us getting there.

US Airways Turks and Caicos


Check back for the remainder of the post!! Too much to write in one post.



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