Turks and Caicos (Part Two)

So we started day two of our trip eagerly!! It was officially our 6 year anniversary!!

Woop-woop! #turndown4what!!

Okay maybe the hubs and I needed to turn down a little.  On the first night, “according to him,”  I passed out on the bed still in my swim suit while waiting for him to get out the bathroom. This prompted him to relax out on the patio to enjoy the scenery. Well, he ended up falling asleep outside on the patio thanks to his little drinky-drink and our jacuzzi adventure.

It’s safe to say that we lost our minds on the first night. Expected. *shrugs shoulders*

After waking up, comparing notes and laughing about the previous night’s mishaps, we dressed and headed to the restaurant onsite called Pelican Bay for breakfast. Of course not without taking a few pics!

Turks and Caicos

Early morning pics before breakfast

Our first stop was the infamous Taylor Bay Beach. However, along the way, we pulled over at the sight of this beautiful body of water off of Chalk Sound Drive.

Turks and Caicos

Taylor bay is  secretly tucked away behind a residential area on the island. This place was amazing. You can walk out hundreds of yards into the water and still stand.

Taylor Bay Turks and Caicos


After leaving there we got a little lost in time riding around. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to shower and change for our anniversary dinner.  I made reservations at an intimate restaurant called Las Brisas located on Chalk Sound Drive. I reserved a table in the gazebo so that we could overlook the water and enjoy the nice breeze. It was a beautiful dinner. The atmosphere was perfect. Needless to say the rest of the evening was just as magical.

I’m going to end this series with a few select pics from the remainder of our trip. The pictures speak for themselves. Quite frankly, I’m tired of writing for the day.

Las Brisas Neptune Villas

Anniversary dinner at Las Brisas restaurant

Grace bay Beach Turks and Caicos

Bike riding throughout Grace Bay



Jimmy's Dive Bar Turks and Caicos

Hanging out at Jimmy’s Dive Bar and around the resort area up to no good

I will end this post with my thoughts on Turks and Caicos. It was a beautiful island. Very expensive and exclusive, but it was worth every. single. coin. spent.

The most  memorable advice received was from the local rental car agent. She said “do not lock your car doors. Your windows will get busted just to search your car . Just take your valuables with you, and leave the doors unlocked.”

Crazy right?!? Apparently, there are a lot of Haitian immigrants on the island looking for a means to eat and survive.

Until next time.



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