Turks and Caicos & Our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary

I can remember the first time I met you 10 years ago. I remember your smile, what you had on and your not so smooth way of asking me for my number. There was nothing charismatic about your approach that day….I can even go as far as saying that it was down right awkward — kind of creepy even.  That day….you did not get my number. LOL

However, you are one of the most persistent, patient people I have ever met. It didn’t take long for our sporadic, coincidental encounters to turn into something more.  Look at us now. We are coming up on 6 years of marriage stronger than ever. I researched the gifts and meanings associated with the number of years married. For a 6 year anniversary, candy and iron gifts are given. Iron represents stability and strength.

What is so memorable about a piece of metal? Nothing in my book.. I think that you deserve so much more. Your support, unwavering unconditional love and dedication has helped me get through many challenges. You have been there by my side every. step. of. the. way.

For that,  “I’m” taking you away on a romantic, exotic vacation to Turks and Caicos!!!

Yep, this will be our view at the resort.

 No kids and no other family members. Just you and I.

With our departure approaching quickly, I can do nothing else other than day dream about all the grown up fun and good times that are awaiting us in Turks and Caicos with our friends over at the Royal West Indies Resort.

Happy Anniversary Love!!!


bridal photo shoot, model

My pre-bridal photo shoot


**Stay tuned for the pictures and shenanigans from our Turks and Caicos adventure!**


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